HyMini uses wind power to charge your gadgets


People have been paying more attention to the impact that their technology use has on the environment. Thus we’ve had a slew of of gadgets that take advantage of the sun’s rays for power. However, there are other sources of renewable power that are untapped. If you want to be the coolest eco-friendly tech lover on the block, you might look into the HyMini.

Rather than concentrating on drawing solar energy for power, the HyMini has a turbine that uses the wind to charge your gadgets. It has ports for many cameras, phones and other devices.

While I think this $50 gadget is interesting, I don’t actually think it is all that practical. The main reason is that you need air traveling at 9 mph to turn the turbines fast enough for a charge. That would make it ideal for attaching to your car, however, you can’t have winds of more than 40 mph, as it just won’t hold up. Make one of these that can take 70+ mph winds and you’ve got yourself an awesome product.

Source: GearFuse

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