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Hydrotherapy Roller Masseuse provides added relief to your feet

hydrotherapy-roller-massageDo you know that your feet happen to be overworked most of the time, and if you do not have a good pair of shoes to walk around in, you would be “abusing” them all the more? The $179.95 Hydrotherapy Roller Masseuse happens to be a spa tub which pampers sore feet as well as your calves with a relaxing reflexology massage. It will feature a couple of powerful warm water jets that soothe each foot, a quartet of textured rollers located beneath the water surface that apply gentle pressure to the soles and heels, which help to soften your skin, and at the same time loosen stiff muscles, while melting away whatever pain that you have been experiencing all this while.

Being different from lesser devices that are out there in the market which require users to move the rollers with their feet, where this unit’s motorized rollers would pave the way for complete relaxation without any exertion. This particular deep, 5.25 gallon tub will submerge your legs well above the ankle, which would make sure that the Achilles tendon and calf muscles are both treated simultaneously. One will be able to choose the preferred heat level between 95° F and 116° F, which you can pick from the LCD control panel as the tub rolls on casters for convenient use regardless of where you are at home. The bucket itself will come with a built-in drain valve for easy emptying, and it can be plugged into an AC outlet.