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The Hydro Hammock is a hot tub in a sling

Hot Tub Hammock

There are some days where you wish you could get away to a vacation spot and do a lot of nothing for a few days…or weeks. However, that’s not really a possibility with how fast-paced our lives are. We have to keep on top of things for fear of falling behind. That being said, we have to pencil in a little R&R, lest we start to tire out from burning the candle at both ends.

If you like relaxing in a hot tub, but don’t want to deal with having to monitor chemicals, the insanely high water bill, and filling the massive thing, then this Hydro Hammock will be a dream come true. It looks like a regular ole hammock from afar, but is made is made of a material that will keep all the water and heat in. The water heating system heats water from a garden hose, stream, lake, or anywhere with H2O present.

This can be a hammock, hammock hot tub, or a liner for an impromptu in-ground hot tub. Any way you set it up, you’re bound to have a pretty relaxing experience. You don’t need as much water, and this is capable of holding multiple people, so long as you’re completely comfortable touching each other the entire time you sit in this. This is going to cost you $290 or more, depending on how quickly you act on this crowdfunding campaign. It has already surpassed its goal, which hopefully means the finished product will somehow be more awesome than it already is.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter