Husqvarna beats iRobot to the Lawn

AUTOMOWER robotic lawn mower

It just seemed a given that with the Roomba, the Scooba, and the Dirt Dog, iRobot would eventually come out with a robotic lawn mower. And they still might, but they won’t be first.

That singular distinction goes to the Husqvarna Automower which can mow in a random patter and is corralled by a perimeter wire to keep it mowing your lawn and not your neighbor’s. Capable of mowing up to half an acre at a stretch, it’s large wheels allow the Automower to run on uneven lawns and handle inclines of up to approximately 35%. Built in bump sensors also allow it to move around trees, rose bushes, and anything else cluttering up the yard. What’s cool is that the clippings are mulched and reintroduced into the lawn to help keep it healthy. This is a great alternative to even the electric cordless lawn mower, as it makes this chore even less of a hassle.

Fully programmable, the Automower can even be set to run at night – thanks to it’s super quiet battery powered engine only puts out a noise level of about 63 dB (A), which is low when you consider the average lawn mower operates at between 90 and 100 dB (A).

And it even has an anti theft feature which renders the Automower inert unless a personal 4-digit code is used to operate the mower, and there is also an alarm to deter unauthorized users.

Best part? It’s weather proof. So rain or shine, the Automower is mowin’ the lawn. And you’re saving $5.00 every time Jr. forgets to mow for his allowance.

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