Hush combines earplugs and a sound machine to make sure you get restful sleep

We’ve all dealt with restless nights because there’s too much external sound. Everyone has their own way of dealing with it, but there are two main options most people resort to. Sound machines can drown out the extra noise, while ear plugs can stop almost all sound from entering your ears. If silence is unsettling to you, but you don’t want to turn up a sound machine so loud that it could wake the dead, why not look for an option that combines the two?

Hush is the first pair of smart ear plugs the world has seen. These are wireless sound machine ear plugs that are controlled through your smartphone. You can choose what notifications you receive while you’re asleep so that only the important calls or messages will come through. They use memory foam to fit comfortably inside your ears, and silicone padding to make sure those who sleep on their side won’t have to worry about them jabbing into their head. This works with iOS and Android devices that support Bluetooth 4.0, and it has a battery life of over ten hours. It comes with a charging case that can juice up the ear plugs over ten times before needing to be plugged in itself.

You can’t stream music through these, but you will be able to choose between white noise, pink noise, brown noise, ocean waves, rainfall, fan, crackling fire, babbling brook, waterfall, and thunderstorm. It is also capable of playing binaural beats, which means a mix of sounds that will help encourage certain brain states. Should both of the ear plugs fall out over the course of the night, they will realize that you don’t have them in if you don’t turn off your alarm, and your phone’s alarm will sound like normal. This will cost you $115 through a currently successfully funded crowdfunding campaign, and it’s looking to have more functionality over time as they keep exceeding stretch goals.