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Hurricane 2 Canless Air System arrives in a special blue edition

hurricaneHmmm, most of the time, I would have thought that a particular gizmo or device would arrive in a special edition if it had a strong following in the first place, but then again, I might be wrong with the introduction of the $79.99 Hurricane 2 Canless Air System – Special Edition Blue. Judging by the name itself, it will arrive in a special shade of blue, and will deliver 100% breathable air that is safe to inhale, not to mention that it is also suitable to help you clean just about anything that requires a strong burst of air in concentrated amounts. Not only that, without any kind of chemicals, frostbite, or residue inside, you can be sure that dust bunnies will scurry away in horror at each 200+ mph blast regardless of the angle you shoot from.

Canned air might be fun to some people, but majority of what is sold on the market is far from being friendly or safe, but you can be sure that the Hurricane 2 Canless Air System will get the job done in the greenest manner possible. Each charge of the Hurricane 2’s batteries will offer you the equivalent of 25 cans of canned air, albeit sans chemicals, greenhouses gases, and risk of explosions. This is the ideal gift for those who dabble with electronics as well as broken computers, not to mention coming in handy for makers, woodcrafters, builders and DIY enthusiasts. Since it is safe to blow on people, even hair stylists might want to give it a shot!