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The Hurom Masticating Slow Juicer – why aren’t all juicers like this?


If you got into the juicing fad, or have worked at a place where juicing is standard, you know exactly how loud, tedious, and disheartening it is. The finished product is delicious sure, but there’s so much pulp at the end that you feel like you’re being wasteful. Not only that, but most of the pulp is very moist, and you feel like the juicer should be getting more out of the plants it’s grinding and crushing to oblivion.

For those of you that are juicing as a regular part of your life now, you’re probably looking for a better model than the plastic-component starter setup you began with. To get more juice from your produce, the Hurom goes the slow route, gently squeezing and crushing whatever goes in. This reduces the amount of pulp, and is supposed to give you 35% more juice from the process. It’s also supposed to help retain a lot of the nutrients high-speed juicers often destroy.

This bad boy can process fruits, veggies, leafy greens, and even nuts if you put them in with some liquid. It’ll use 150 watts, and says that it is “practically silent” which I find very difficult to believe. Since this machine doesn’t mess around, the $261 price tag seems about right as you will not only get more juice, but cleaning is as easy as pouring in water and running the machine since there’s a mechanism to sweep debris off of the grate.

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