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Huntkey SZN607 power strip does more than just supply power

huntkey-power-stripWhile not everyone is able to engage the services of an interior designer in order to spruce up the home, this does not mean that there is no way for one to gain more power outlets from what is already available. Heck, even nicely renovated homes might have an oversight in the renovation process, where there are no adequate power outlets available for future use as well, too. A power strip would be able to help solve this particular issue, taking into consideration the sheer number of mobile devices that we tend to use these days, and if you are one who likes to stand out from the crowd, then you might want to consider what Huntkey has to offer in the form of the all new Huntkey SZN607 power strip.

The SZN Series from Huntkey comprises of a quartet of models – the SZN401, SZN501, SZN507 and SZN607. Regardless of which particular model that you pick, all of them will arrive equipped with universal standard sockets, which will see action in many countries around the world, including Vietnam, India, Dubai, Kazakhstan, Peru, and Egypt.

To make sure that they keep up with the times, Huntkey has also thrown in a couple of USB ports into the SZN607 power strip, which would allow users to charge a couple of USB devices at the same time, all without the need to plug in the respective devices’ chargers. The combined output can be up to 5V/2.4A. Accompanying those two USB ports would be five universal sockets, which translates to enabling up to five different devices to be used simultaneously, with a grand total of seven altogether.

There is also a child protection function thrown into the fray for added peace of mind, where each socket will come equipped with child-protective shutters that will close over the sockets entirely. The shutters can be opened only when both the Live Wire hole and the Null Wire hole are inserted simultaneously – translating to no accidental electrification should a curious child insert a finger into a pin hole. Pretty nifty, yes?

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