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Very Hungry Paper Shredder has an insatiable appetite

very-hungry-paper-shredderWe live in an age where information can end up as very sensitive – especially personal and private information, which can be exploited if it falls into the wrong hands. Having said that, to eliminate your personal information before it goes out to the rest of the world is always a good step to take, especially when you have your particulars all over various official documents and letters sent to your mailbox. You could manually tear up those letters, but it can be time consuming and ugly. Since there are leaf shredders to lighten your load during autumn, the $99.95 Very Hungry Paper Shredder would make short work of whatever you do not want others to look at.

The Very Hungry Paper Shredder will boast of a compressing handle that has been built into the top, increasing its 5-gallon bin’s effective storage capacity by three times. Heck, it also does its bit to decrease the number of times the bin must be emptied, as the compressing handle pushes into the shredder’s interior so that you do not have to lift up the cutting blades, resulting in a mess-free operation. The Very Hungry Paper Shredder would operate at 7.5 feet-per-minute, and it shreds up to eight pages at one time, while making short work of credit cards and chews through staples, all thanks to its 1 hp electric motor and steel counter-rotating micro-cutting gears.