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Humminbird Smartcast RF15 Fish Finder

RF15 Sonar Fish FinderThis has to be one of the coolest gadgets around! I’m not one to go fishing, but I may pick it up just so I can use this cool sonar device. The Humminbird Smartcast RF15 Fish Finder detects the presence of fish to an amazing depth of 100 feet.

The little fishies can’t escape as the RF15 gives a real-time visual on subterranean landscape and what depth they (the fish) are at.

Here’s how it works – you place your bait on the sonar sensor and cast it out into your target fishing zone. The wireless sonar sensor feeds the spatial data back to the RF15’s console where 3.8″ backlit LCD monitor displays the underwater environ. A glow-in-the-dark bobbin is bundled in too, so can easily take the RF15 when going night fishing. The little guys won’t have a chance!

The RF15 display console is powered by a set of 8 AA batteries. The sensor has an internal power supply with a lifetime of 400 hours. When the sensor is out of water, it automatically shuts down. When the sensor expires it can be easily replaced through contacting and ordering a new one through your local tackle shop.

The Humminbird Smartcast RF15 Fish Finder costs £169.99 and is available from My New Cheap.

6 thoughts on “Humminbird Smartcast RF15 Fish Finder”

  1. LOL… who said fishing’s not supposed to be interesting…

    Anyway, I can’t help thinking that’s cheating; and at £170 I’m wondering if it would be cheaper to buy your fish on the way home!

  2. Fishing is interesting as it’s the epitome of the eternal struggle between Man and his subterrenean prey. Now, the little guys don’t have a chance. The sonar sensor is cool though – very Red October… 🙂

  3. I’m with Al. All the technology in the world, but you’re still sitting in a boat by yourself.

  4. The portable fish finder is exactly the utensil many fishermen need to stop wasting time and start catching fish. The pre-spawn, spawn, and post spawn are some of the most exciting times of year for a fisherman. Yet have you ever noticed that sometimes even in all the hype and excitement something seems to be missing? Yes the experts say these are the best times to catch fish and you just can’t even get one nibble. The agonizing stress and bewilderment only makes your fishing worse from then on out.

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