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The Hummbucker Electric Kazoo – raise your freak flag high

Hummbucker Electric Kazoo

In a world where we struggle to differentiate ourselves from the masses, it can be rough to find something that is inherently “you”, but is still an original idea. You want to make your mark in the world, but the only problem is…what do you do? One search on the web will show you that most things have already been done. However, there are always a few off-the-wall options out there, and maybe, just maybe, you’re the only one who can pull it off.

While the guy who created this is already rocking out on his Hummbucker Electric Kazoo, who’s to say you can’t take the musical world by storm by getting one for yourself? This is exactly what it says it is, as this seemingly harmless plastic kazoo has been fitted with a professional grade dynamic pickup that has been designed to fit perfectly in this specific brand of plastic instruments. It comes with a 15’ cable, and a fourth-inch jack. The cable can detach easily at the pickup so you can replace it if need be.

The Kazoobie Kazoo, Hummbucker Pickup, and a 15’ cord can be yours for the paltry price of $19.99. You can plug this into an effects box, pedal, amp, or your computer to start jamming out of the box. It is just a touch ridiculous, but people have made instruments out of everything and made them sound amazing, so who’s to say you couldn’t do it too?

Available for purchase on Kazoos