Human Washing Machine

hmnbth2986034-thumb-500x377-16271This next machine is a real sign of the times. It is a washing machine that is designed to wash you instead of your laundry.

This human washing machine, known as the Avant Santelubain 999 allows the user to lie down and let the machine spray him or her with soap and water, along with infrared light for steam heat. It will even use aromatherapy and sound, then has an option of a seaweed wrap.

Say what? I’m not really certain how that seaweed wrap part works, but I have heard that the Human Washing Machine will sterilize itself after a wash is completed.

So what are we looking at here? A replacement for the shower and the bathtub? It looks like it takes up just as much space. It combines the spraying of the shower, and the relaxation of the tub. That might make a good slogan if anyone ever wants to market this thing.

I imagine that you could probably stick yourself in a washing machine and accomplish the same thing, but you don’t want be around for the spin cycle. Now, if only someone could invent a human washing machine that could also clean the clothes that you are wearing.