Human Skull USB MP3 Player

Since everyone is very different on their tastes, MP3 players should match that.  Although most are content to pick up an iPod, there might be those of you that want something a little less mainstream.  I love my iPod, but truthfully I did grumble a little when Apple products became insanely popular.  Although this Human Skull MP3 player is a touch on the goofy side, it adds a little variety to this mass produced world.

The MP3 player features glowing eyes, which give it that truly classy edge.  It works as an MP3 player, but you can also use it as a speaker for all of your other gadgets.  It doesn’t actually come with any built-in memory, but it does have a micro SD(HC) slot.  The built-in Lithium ion battery is rechargeable through the USB port.  You can purchase one of these lightweight speakers for $18 through USB Brando.

Source: GeekAlerts