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Hulkbuster Bank lets you store money in style

hulkbuster-bankTony Stark is one rich dude – in fact, he is not only rich but extremely smart, being one of the best and brightest brains in the Marvel Universe, with a personality that is forceful, and yet strangely attractive to the ladies. Come on now, even if he does not have a single dime to his name, surely Tony Stark is still able to reel in the ladies with the kind of wit he has, right? Well, he is certainly a man with a plan – otherwise, how else is he supposed to be able to go up against the Incredible Hulk during times of emergency? His back-up plan would be the Hulkbuster, and if you would like to own a piece of this engineering marvel, then the $29.99 Hulkbuster Bank would have to do, being a sad reminder to all and sundry that you would need to work hard and save up for a rainy day, rather than spend money frivolously like Stark himself.

The Hulkbuster Bank is an officially licensed Avengers: Age of Ultron bank, where you do not need to go through the trouble of being green and giving it a nice, big Hulk smash in order to get the money out from there during moments of emergency. Basically, this ThinkGeek exclusive merchandise will ensure that your spare change is protected from just about anyone, even from the Jade Giant himself, where there is a coin release door on the base for easy access to emergency funds as and when required. Definitely one of the more appealing coin banks to have around, that’s for sure.

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