HUGlight Flexible Hands Free Book Light


Many of the book lights attach to your book itself.  One thing I’ve never liked about that is that I feel like I’m constantly shifting the light when I turn a page or just need to see a different side of the page.  Now whether or not this HUGlight is the solution for that is debatable.  Yes, it is a bit silly looking but the design would illuminate both pages without having to move it at all.

The device drapes over your neck, which might feel awkward and uncomfortable for some people.  However, if you don’t think that’s going to be an issue, then it’s not too bad.  The flexible wire arm is 9 inches long and covered in a soft foam.  The foam would help make it more comfortable.  It has a 40 hour battery light and uses 4 LED lights.  The HUGlight can be purchased for $14.95 through Amazon.

Source: 7Gadgets