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Huey the Color Copying Chameleon Lamp

This is Huey the chameleon, and he is a lamp that has the power of changing colors.

All a user has to do is place Huey on any surface, and he will emit a glow equal to that of the ground below him.

There is a video of this after the jump to show Huey in action, and I was surprised at how quickly he can change color. I sure that even real chameleons don’t color shift as fast as this one does.

I believe that Huey works by having multiple LEDs of different colors mixing together to form the precise color needed. That color will be whatever Huey detects on his optical sensor, located just below his belly.

According to my Source, Huey will cycle through the various colors in his spectrum if left alone, and he can be “locked” in a specific color if squeezed.

Too bad that Disney toys didn’t get a hold of this idea. I believe that their latest animated feature Tangled has a chameleon named Pascal in it. This would have made the ideal movie merchandise/toy.

As it is, you should be able to purchase Huey the Color Copying Chameleon Lamp for about $29.99 from our friends at ThinkGeek.