HRS-I monitors your health, wirelessly

winMNTR09870923-thumb-550x550-32235What you see here is the HRS-I, it is designed by a group of body monitoring products collectively called the WIN Human Recorder.

I suppose it is called the Human Recorder because it can monitor the human body which includes eletrocardiographic signals, body-surface temperature, and even overall body movements.

This device can communicate wirelessly to a remote base. I’m not certain what kind of wireless tech it uses, but it certainly is small enough to be worn underneath one’s clothes without anyone noticing. As for the battery life, it is good for three days on a single charge.

Now, this HRS-I can be yours for just $331, but the monitoring service is a $110 monthly fee. I suppose that the wearer of this device probably has to have some sort of debilitating medical condition to justify those fees.

I can see the WIN Human Recorder System as the future of medicine. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I live to see a future where people wear these constantly. Then some sort of database keeps track of our health and updates us through e-mail or text message when it detects some sort of anomaly.

That may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but considering the mobile and digital age that we live in, is it that much of a stretch?