HP Wi-Fi mouse needs no USB dongle

The evolution of the mouse in the computing industry has been an interesting one over the years. First of all, we have the PS/2 port mouse that while functional, clearly lacked the sensitivity that is found in newer USB powered models. Well, technology has advanced over the years that even USB mice have ended up wireless. Of course, those who lean more towards the gaming segment will know that having a wired mouse will still fare better in an intense firefight or under high pressure gaming environments compared to a wireless model.
As for wireless mice, those will need a USB receiver plugged into the computer so that it can communicate with your computer. Well, HP turns the form book upside down with the introduction of their latest Wi-Fi mouse. Sure, it is wireless, but there is one glaring difference in this model – it does not require you to plug in a USB dongle of sorts, helping you save on a USB port on your machine.

Touted to be the first of its kind in the world, the new HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse will boast of a reliable, first-time pairing that will hook up the mouse to the PC, letting you work with ease and confidence. In other times, the mouse will instantly reconnect during each use, operating without any interference from other wireless devices.
As with other wireless mice, the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse, too, will require a battery to keep it going. In order to prove its superiority over the rest of its counterparts in the market, this model can work up to 9 months on a single battery, which is over double that of comparable Bluetooth models. Not only that, it comes with five customizable buttons which enables you to create shortcuts for common actions such as cut, paste, undo and redo.
Other hardware specifications include a smooth, four-way tilt scroll wheel that will help improve control while scrolling up and down or from side to side. Capable of working anywhere up to 30 feet from the computer, it comes with a sculpted form with rubber sides to ensure a comfortable, secure grip that can be used in the right or left hand.
If you want to get your hands on the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse, it will be out this June for $49.99. That’s not too shabby, eh?
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