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HP TouchSmart310 PC introduced to the masses

Touchscreens have gotten more and more popular by the day, and we are not surprised at all. The Apple iPhone really kicked things off where multitouch is concerned, and never had the world really considered touchscreens as a mode of input on a mass scale prior to Apple showing the way that it is not only possible, but perhaps, better than a QWERTY keyboard. The HP TouchSmart310 PC, being the latest model from the world’s largest computer manufacturer, will naturally come pre-loaded with the most advanced version of the company’s exclusive TouchSmart software to date. It not only offers a basic computing solution to homes, it will also double up as an anchor of one’s digital lifestyle. The HP TouchSmart310 PC will also come with the HP TouchSmart Apps Center which delivers one-touch access to free and subscription-based applications.

Let us take a look at the latest version of HP TouchSmart software. It will go about transforming the desktop into a “Magic Canvas” which allows one to freely drag applications, music, photos, videos and web content straight onto the desktop as “Magnets”. The inclusion of multilayered wallpapers will add further depth and perspective to the screen, while both new “Carousel” and “Magic Menu” options enable users to easily locate applications and content using not a mouse, but through your finger – now how about that? Of course, we believe parents who get this for their kids would have a strict “no food” policy when using the computer, since it goes without saying a greasy display is not entirely nice to look at. Either way, it would be wise to have some cleaning cloths lying around to get rid of fingerprints each time someone wants to drop by your home.

The HP TouchSmart310 desktop PC is tipped to hit the market on the 22nd of this month for $699.99, and the price will naturally rise upwards if you decide to tweak with what it comes with underneath the hood.

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