HP announces Pavilion Elite m9600 PC

Pavilion Elite m9600 PC

HP is right now enjoying its position as top dog of the computer industry, and the company has unveiled yet another desktop-based machine that will help cement its position even further – the Pavilion Elite m9600 series PC. Each purchase will be accompanied by a widescreen monitor, where the Pavilion Elite m9600 will deliver the speed, reliability and performance required for demanding multitasking in addition to handling graphic-intensive files and movies with aplomb.

Depending on your needs and budget, the Pavilion Elite m9600 can be configured with prices starting from $949 upwards, featuring an Intel Core i7 920 processor, a NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GS graphics card, a 500 GB hard drive and a SuperMulti DVD burner that is able to generate both DVDs and CDs with custom labels. For folks who want to play hard after a long day at work, you can throw in more cash into the final configuration by including a Blu-ray DVD writer and an ATI Radeon HD-4850 graphics card. Since this is an office setup you don’t see any of the hardware or cooling case fans from the outside.

Just to make sure your viewing experience with all the power underneath the hood is enhanced even further, HP will also make available a quartet of monitors that offer a true high-definition experience with 16:9 aspect ratio, making them perfect for use with multimedia viewing, photo editing or gaming. You will be able to choose from the 18.5″ HP w1858 Monitor, the 20″ HP 2009m Monitor, the 21.5″ HP 2159m Monitor and the 23″ HP w2338h Monitor, depending on your needs and budget. While we’re sure you’ll enjoy the viewing experience of movies on this, your boss will also be happy that productivity can increase thanks to the ability to view a couple of pages simultaneously without having to scroll through them. Both the 2159m and w2338h monitors will come with HDMI inputs for a high-definition experience.