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Hoyos Eyelock USB Iris Scanner Eye-dentifier

Some of you probably have those biometric readers on your laptops to scan your thumb, but some of you might want more security than that. I suppose that Eye-dentification is the way to go, as no two irises are exactly alike. This particular Hoyos Eyelock Iris scanner hooks up to the computer via USB. It looks like that this is designed to rest on the desktop, and I am guessing that you’ll probably have to lean over in order to get a reading. Hopefully, no one will use those contact lenses that you see in movies to trick eye scanners. I would imagine that these are harder to fool than fingerprint scanners. There is another advantage to the Hoyos Eyelock USB Iris scanner in comparison to biometric scanners. The Hoyos makes it very difficult to get a false positive. Of course, you could just get a password, unless you are very forgetful. For some reason, I don’t have a price on this guy, but you can check out their website if you want some more information. According to Hoyos, this will be a “paradigm shift” in personal identity protection. I don’t know about that, but I do know that I never see the word “paradigm” without seeing the word “shift”. Source ]]>

1 thought on “Hoyos Eyelock USB Iris Scanner Eye-dentifier”

  1. This IS a biometric device and is not necessarily better than finger scanners / readers unless the person trying to access the system it is protecting has the ability and equipment to fool the system.
    Most people can’t do that, so all types of biometric devices that have relatively low false positive reading will still give you much better protection than anything else.

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