How to make the Apple Logo on a MacBook into an LCD Screen

You have to admire the people who make laptops. Every time you use one, you prominently display the logo of the laptop maker every time you use it. So every time I am using my laptop at a coffee shop or library, I am a sitting advertisement for Toshiba!

MacBooks may not have the word “Apple” written on them, but that picture of the fruit with a bite taken out of it is probably better than any company name. In today’s society, images are more powerful than words.

Designer Eddie Zarick has found a way to put that Apple logo on the front of a MacBook to good use by figuring out how to make the logo into an LCD screen. This is a total DIY project, but he has posted instructions for any DIYer on his Ed’s Junk site.

You should probably ask yourself what you want to put on your LCD screen. I mean, do you want people to stare at it? If you are looking for business, you could put a little video ad for yourself, sans audio. Anyone at the coffee shop might see it and hire you for an assignment.

That’s probably what I would do with it. Personally, I think that this DIY feature is so cool that Apple should contact Eddie Zarick and pay him for his good idea, and then make it a standard feature for all MacBooks.