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Hoverkraft Levitating Construction Challenge offers a fun build-and-balance game

hoverkraft_levitating_gameWhen it comes to being fun and imaginative, there is no need to pile on the work. After all, wasn’t it Jack who ended up being a dull boy after having nothing else to do but work? Having said that, too much play on the other end of the extreme is not too good, either. The $29.99 Hoverkraft Levitating Construction Challenge offers not only a good learning experience, it is also a futuristic building and balancing game.

You will be able to play with it alone – which makes it great for those with just one child in the family, and it is also good for two players – hence siblings will have yet another avenue to exhibit their rivalry. Regardless, just make sure that the child(ren) are aged 8 and above. This particular purchase would update and old-school building game by providing a twist, as players take turns to stack pieces on a platform. The catch is, this particular platform would levitate via magnetic repulsion, and the winner would be the last player to place a block without causing the platform to tumble. Not only that, this is a fast game – better than Candy Crush, as it takes anywhere from 30 seconds, all the way to 5 minutes.

Games with an updated twist like Space Invaders Jenga are always well worth the effort to check it out.