We have a hoverbike!

I think that Hollywood has taught us that in the future, everything that is has wheels will be hovering. Think of any episode of The Jetsons, or the Back to the Future II hoverboards.
An Australian inventor named Chris Malloy has figured out how to build a hoverbike, using nothing but parts from motorcycles. These propellers are powered by a 1,170-cc engine for 107 horsepower, with a 231-pound thrust-to-weight ratio.
According to my Source, he should be able to get this guy flying at 10,000 feet, at a speed of 173 mph. As of now, the fuel tank is good for 92 miles of cruising at 92 miles per hour.
So far, this is only a prototype, and the inventor is looking for some funding to get his invention off the ground. Okay, that was a terrible joke, but you will have to agree that this thing doesn’t look very safe in its present form. By the way, you won’t need a pilot’s license to fly one of these, as it is classified as an ultralight.
Still, I’m sure that it will take a while before you or I will be able to fly one of these hoverbikes. Ever since the Jet Moto game, I have wanted to ride something like this.