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Hover Like This Champion

The game of golf has not had many transportation revelations in its history. The pull cart helped get the bag off the back. And of course the golf cart made the game even easier for lazy people and made long, hilly courses more bearable. But even those have limitations like not driving on the green or not being able to get across water. Hard to imagine that anything else could really change how we get around the course. Until now.

 Masters champion Bubba Watson teamed up with Oakley to come up with the next generation golf cart – Bubba’s Hover – the first hovercraft golf cart. Designers took the principles of a cart and the levitation-like technology that a hovercraft uses and combined them to come up with a wacky-looking but functional vehicle. It travels on land and water and even through trees. The footprint pressure of the cart is less than of a human, meaning it could traverse greens. OK, so it may not be the most convenient looking thing to get in and out of, but you have to admit that it does work. There are no plans to manufacture the cart now but boy, wouldn’t greens keepers love it if they did!