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House Sitter Random Light Timer

Having a state of the art alarm system is ideal, however, not everyone can have that.  Be it due to finances or just that you’re renting instead of in a home that you own yourself.  This gadget isn’t necessarily to make you feel at ease while you’re asleep at night, but more to protect your things when you’re away.  While you’re out on vacation, you can set up this light timer to make it appear as if someone is still within the house.

You just plug this into a standard outlet and choose an electronic device (lamp or radio).  Plug that device into the timer, then choose your setting.  You can pick continuous mode, which allows you to use your device just as normal.  Then when you go on vacation, you can flip it to security mode and it will turn on and off the device in intervals ranging from 9 to 34 minutes.  It’d be enough, as long as no one was closely inspecting your home, that it would fool the general public.  The nice thing is that it’s also very cheap, it’s being sold for $14.99 per timer.

Source: OhGizmo

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  1. Having been burgled 3 years ago over xmas I like to see the latest security devices and anything that helps to deter the thieves.

    Thanks for this

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