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House Remote Extender

House Remote Extender
It’s pretty straight forward. For most remotes to work, you need line of sight, and although that’s generally enough for your TV, because you’re generally sitting in front of it, people like to have their stereo play while their in other parts of the house. Adjusting the volume from the kitchen when the stereo is in the family room just isn’t going to work.

The reason for this lack of range is because your remote uses infrared, while if it used radio frequency, or RF, the range would be increased dramatically.

The House Remote Extender will transform your old, rangeless infrared remote into a powerful RF remote.

You will need to perform a few tasks for setup, but it’s all very basic. The AA or AAA battery your remote runs off of must be replaced with the Remote Control Extender unit. Next you either have to point the receiver or attach the bright eye emitter to the component you want to control.

Once that is done, your good to go and you can start enjoying the extreme range. The signal will go though doors, wall, ceilings, you name it and it probably goes through it. You can even keep your component behind the door of an entertainment system and it will still work, no line of sight is needed.

The House Remote Extender is pretty much the perfect solution for anybody looking to extend the range of their remotes. The starter kit is only $50, and you can purchase additional units for reasonable prices from their website.

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