This House can become a Fortress

Clearly, a man’s home is his fortress. I believe that “Fortress” is the appropriate name for this house/compound, which can transform better than Optimus Prime.
The architects, KWK, say that it can shift with a touch of a button, and it looks like a steel garage door covers one side and slabs cover the windows. This is the house that you want to live in if you find yourself in a situation like Will Smith in I Am Legend.
However, if you are not in a zombie apocalypse, you still have to go through several security codes just to get through the front door, and there is enclosed concrete bunker just to be let into the house.
All you need is a good enough food supply, and you are probably set for…whatever. I suppose that this is the new bomb shelter. Yeah, I believe that whoever lives here has serious security issues, but if there ever is a riot, I have found my safehouse, provided I get let in.
I like how this Fortress is set up. It has a facade of glass, which will bring in a lot of fresh sunshine. Yes, it is a glass house, and people can throw stones at it, provided the button gets pushed first.

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