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Hourglass Desk Clock tells the time in style

hourglass-desk-clockHaving a clock or a timepiece is one thing, but being able to have that very timepiece complement the rest of your home’s decoration is another. It will require a mind of art that not too many people possess, and if you would want something that can spruce up your home, then might we suggest the $56 Hourglass Desk Clock. The name of this particular timepiece gives the game away, where it will merge both modern style alongside traditional utility. Definitely one of the more unique desk clock designs that we have come across so far, and we do have our fair share of special candidates which we have seen in the past.

As a result, you end up with an entirely new twist on the classic hourglass. Your eyes will not miss the hours as well as minutes that are displayed clearly on this particularly unique plastic and metal clock. At the bottom would see the hours being shown off, while minutes and seconds will be displayed on top. As for the red line, it will point out the current hour (bottom) and minute (top). It will work even in the event of a zombie apocalypse, since it will not run on AC power, but rather, would “survive” on a sole AA battery.