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Five Hour Rechargeable Hot Water Bottle provides a good night’s rest

rechargeable-hot-water-bottleThere is an ice cold pack that you can always use in order to make sure that those bruises of yours will end up swelling down faster a whole lot. On the other hand, there is the hot water bottle which has its fair share of uses, too. Some of us might opt for something that is easier on the wallet by heating up the water bottle in a microwave, but what happens when you introduce a wee bit more technology onto the scene? Enter the $59.95 Five Hour Rechargeable Hot Water Bottle.

As its name suggests, the Five Hour Rechargeable Hot Water Bottle will provide up to 5 hours of soothing, therapeutic heat. Forking out a little bit more money for it makes it all the worthwhile as you can kiss goodbye to endless trips to the microwave or refilling it with boiling water. This is because the water bottle makes use of a permanently sealed rubber bladder which will heat 32 oz. of saline solution up to 140-158° F, whereas the presence of a soft fabric cover would make it very comfortable to handle. Charging it up for fifteen minutes will result in 5 hours of usage, where the therapeutic heat is handy in alleviating sore muscles, improving circulation, or to warm up one’s extremities. A built-in auto-shut off feature prevents overheating, and it is easy to clean with a damp cloth.