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The HotLogic Mini Oven is perfect for fresh hot meals on the go

 The Hot Logic Mini Personal Oven

It’s hard to work a 9-5 day at a physical location. Being prepared ahead of time is a must when it comes to food, unless you want to be forced to order take-out and buy snacks every day. Whether you bring leftovers, a frozen meal, or food cooked the day of, you’re going to want to reheat it. Of course, there’s not exactly a frying pan or oven sitting around at work (most of the time), and you’re forced to use a microwave.

Using this form of cooking is nothing to be ashamed of, as it seems most of the populace uses this to make meals. However, it often leaves overly crisped edges, frozen centers, and the flavors of meals cooked long ago.  If you wish you could evenly heat your food without having to rely on the microwave that smells of old lasagna and crushed dreams, maybe you should look into getting something like the HotLogic Mini Oven. This may look like a lunchbox, but it can heat your food and hold it at a safe temperature for hours.

You’ll need to use a flat-bottomed, sealed top container made of metal, plastic, glass, cardboard, or ceramic to heat things properly, but that covers most containers in general. This insulated tote will keep your food from the fridge chilled until it’s time to heat it up, and the insulation will aid the warming process by keeping the heat in. This only costs $40, and is far easier than trying to bring a toaster oven into work.

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  1. Man, that is so boss. Microwaves aren’t always available depending on where your work takes you, and this solves that problem!

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