Hotblack is a timepiece that shows off football results as well as the time

hotblackI know that some of us are still reeling from the shock of seeing how defending world champions Spain fell to a four goal deficit to Holland, not to mention how Portugal capitulated to Germany in such a manner just yesterday, losing by a similar deficit of goals. Well, World Cup fever is upon us again, and it is nice to see how the passion of the masses are displayed for an entire month, all the way through different ups and downs. Having said that, we have different ways to keep ourselves up to date with the different scores various matches, with the Internet being the primary medium for many, I believe. How about a watch? Well, certainly I must be referring to a smartwatch, but no, the Hotblack timepiece does not work that way.

In fact, the Hotblack watch happens to be a new timepiece that shows off football results as well as the time simultaneously. This new timepiece has been specially designed to showcase real-time football scores, where it will first need to raise the necessary amount of funding in order to become reality. Sure, it might miss the World Cup this year, but it should be in good stead for the next edition of the Euros.

The Hotblack is the brainchild of experienced watchmaker and designer Richard Hoptroff, where it prides itself in being the first luxury watch of its kind that will display not only time, but also football results in an analog fashion. Sporting a minimalistic look, the Hotblack boasts of clean numbers and a simple black-and-white contrasting color scheme. The band and casing have been constructed from brushed stainless steel, while the face is hand-cut from sapphire glass.

Four dials will carry different functions each, where the primary dial will tell of the current time, while there are sub-dials on the top, left, and bottom. These sub-dials all have different tasks, depending on whether there is a match underway or not. Whenever it is connected via Bluetooth to an iPhone or Android device with a special Hotblack app, the top and left-side sub-dials show the score of the match, with the bottom dial letting you know just how much time there is left on the clock. Neat, no?

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