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Hot Wheels makes pocket-sized RC cars now

I’m sure that you all remember Hot Wheels, and how you can race them on flat surfaces and specially made tracks, with the occasional loop-de-loop.

Now Hot Wheels cars are remote controlled. That’s right, Hot Wheels actually made their tiny cars into R/C cars.

I have no idea how fast they go, but they are very unique in their ability to fold up and stash themselves within their own controllers, which are about the size of iPhones. These controllers have the same stickers and colors of the cars, so you know what controller controls what car.

These Hot Wheels R/C cars, or Stealth rides, have controllers with forward and back arrows, and are capable of turns as well. The tiny cars are powered by three calculator batteries, and the controllers use two similar batteries. Battery life is not so hot at about 45 minutes a set, and they really should have some recharging capability for the next version of these tiny R/C cars.

The cars currently come in four wheeled and tank tread modes, in two colors. They cost about $25, and there will even be a Batmobile Tumbler coming in October. That’s the Batmobile model that you see in the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, in case you don’t know.

The Stealth Racers look like they could be the next hot item stocking stuffer for the coming holiday season.


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2 thoughts on “Hot Wheels makes pocket-sized RC cars now”

  1. They had tiny RC cars few years back and now Hot Wheels finally came out with their own version? WOW! So who cares!

  2. My 8 year old boy asked me for one of these but while looking on amazon I found these other RC toys for a similar price but they come with an RC online-game. They are called My Web RC, they cars, trucks, and helicopters. Im thinking he is going to love it! crossing my fingers 🙂

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