Hot Tub Boat

You know you’ve got it made when you live in a lovely mansion with perhaps a pool out in front, have a couple of supercars in the garage alongside a luxury sedan or two to get around, a beautiful model wife and three kids – oh yeah, and perhaps, a dog. Of course, life gets better when you realize you earn more money than you could ever spend in this lifetime and the next, not to mention having a yacht by a marina somewhere. Well, perhaps not everyone is able to attain such living standards, but for those who have more or less made it in life and want for nothing, you could check out the $42,000 Hot Tub Boat as your next gift to yourself.

The Hot Tub Boat is an electric boat with a hot tub that has been built into its deck. Engineered and built in Seattle by a marine carpenter who specializes custom house boats, this puppy comes with a Vinylester hull that is topped with a slatted deck handcrafted from African teak. The hot tub measures 8′ x 4′ x 24″, and will remain on the boat’s center of buoyancy, so that it delivers exceptional stability. It will draft at only 20″, never mind when it is filled with its maximum load of 2,100 lbs. of water and half a dozen adult bathers. There will also be a waterproof stereo system which will playback music from your MP3 player via a couple of flush-mounted 50-watt speakers which pop-up from the deck. A quartet of ice chests are there to offer ample chilling capability for your preferred libation, and there are also additional storage compartments at the fore and aft.

There is a cheaper option though – the HotTug that we talked about before Christmas, but that seems to be more “Forever Alone” than anything else.