Hot Stuff Laptops

Laptops are designed to be of must use when people are on the move, but they are far from the most ergonomically friendly devices. They generally kick out a considerable amount of heat, which either ends up heating your thighs or being reflected from the desk back into the laptop causing the fans to have a whizzing frenzy.

A company called Xbrand may have the answer to your scorched thigh problems.


They have a few products aimed at making your trusty laptop more ergonomically friendly especially if your a member of the laptop on lap brigade.

The cool travel is a smart fold-able cross which can be used on lap or desk, it has a non skid surface to prevent the laptop from moving around when you’re bashing the keys, and as it is a cross there is plenty of space for air to circulate meaning a cooler machine. It’s a simple device and idea that is stylishly made.

The lapdesk however is designed purely for the lap loving laptop, like the cool travel it has space for air to circulate (like a polo with a hole in the middle) and also has a sticking out circular like table for the mouse for those of us that detest track-pads.

Both devices are pretty cool and available from the Xbrand shop