Hot Pockets extruder makes for one lazy Xbox 360 gamer

Gamers are known to be a lazy bunch already – where they are willing to survive on nothing but fast food deliveries and Coke, just to make sure that their gaming experience is interrupted as little as possible. Modding guru Ben Heck has come up with something interesting for the sloths among the Xbox 360 crowd – the Hot Pockers extruder that is attached to the Xbox 360 game controller. This unique plastic carrier comes with a manual slider that is able to snugly hold a Hot Pocket, and you can move it forward easily as you eat.
When attached to the top of the game controller’s charge and play plug, you get the ideal device which allows every Hot Pockets lover to enjoy a tasty snack without skimping on their gaming time. Even better is, you need not stop the game, and neither are there dishes to wash up after you are done with your food. How about that? Hopefully you do not mind the crumbs and perhaps, a little bit of grease around your controller during the more frenzied moments of gaming while eating.
The Ben Heck Show

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