Hot Cookie USB Mug Warmer

There is nothing quite like dunking a chocolate chip cookie or some Oreos into a glass of milk, and munching it down right before you sleep. Of course, brushing your teeth afterwards would be highly recommended, otherwise you run the risk of accumulating tartar and other nasties in your mouth over time. Well, here is a way for you to have fun with cookies, but without the tartar – in the form of the $12.99 Hot Cookie USB Mug Warmer, of course.

Basically, it will be able to solve both your cold tea and coffee problems as this unique cup warmer comes in the shape of a cookie, and is USB powered, ensuring that whatever compatible mug you place on top of it will ensure that your drinks will remain at a temperature up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Thing is, some kids might actually be fooled into thinking that this is the real thing, so you might want to be a bit more cautious there.