Horse Racing Gadget Style

Horse Racing Challenge

I’m not a big fan of horse racing, I’ve been a few times and on each occasion lost my beer money pretty quickly. However this looks kind of fun, Horse Racing Challenge, a Scaletrix like thing with nags instead of cars.

This nail-bitingly brilliant game utilises infra-red RC horses, so unlike other horsey racers you actually control your gee gee as it thunders around the track. This means you can barge competitors out of the way, cut them up or jockey for position as you gallop into corners.

Each horse is controlled via a nifty little handheld transmitter featuring two joypads to control forward movement and steering. They also double up as charging units for the horses – simply attach the integrated lead to your gee gee and power up. No oats or apples required.

Horse Racing Challenge is available at Firebox for £49.95, a lot cheaper than losing the shirt off your back.

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