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Little Horn Speakers


This is far from what most would describe as little, however, these are called Little Horn Speakers.  Even if the word little does seem a touch off in this case, these would be great speakers to have around.  Not only do they have a look that is bound to turn heads, but those horns attached to the speakers do actually contribute to the sound quality.  Giving a much bigger and more realistic sound.

Basically, these will make it so that you’re more surrounded by the music and will hear each of the instruments as if you were listening to a live performance.  These can work with almost any stereo system, which gives you more options on how you use them.  The horns themselves are 36” tall, the bell of the horn is 14” across and the base is 8”.  The horns are made using a high-density fiberglass, while the bass is made out of heavy, void-free Baltic birch plywood.  You get to choose your own color combination when you purchase the set.  Right now you can pick up a pair of these for $1500, but after the offer expires they’ll go back to $1850 per pair.

Source: Technabob

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