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HORI Real Arcade Pro.EX

Get your game on with the HORI Real Arcade Pro.EX for the Xbox 360 console. After all, there is nothing quite like a dedicated joystick when it comes to fighting games. Complete with eight oversized buttons to ensure you don’t miss a beat while punching your opponent into a bleeding pulp (on screen anyways), the rounded knob of a joystick works much better than your standard Xbox 360 controller. Hopefully when you are on the ropes, you won’t lose your temper and smash the HORI Real Arcade Pro.EX – after all, you paid good money for it, didn’t you? All the pre-ordered allocation is already out of stock at the moment, so do check back with Play-Asia from time to time if you’re desperately in need of one.

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1 thought on “HORI Real Arcade Pro.EX”

  1. It weighs 6 Lbs!!!! I guess it won’t move around LOL. At ~ $50 the price is pretty reasonable too.

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