hop! the following suitcase

True road warriors know that your hands are always needed. You figure the phone is in one hand, maybe a bag over the other shoulder with that hand also pulling your rollerboard. So where is the coffee supposed to go? And forget about grabbing a newspaper. Quite inconvenient. Needless to say, an extra hand would be convenient while going through airports.

 Some creative designers in Spain have invented a solution that could potentially solve this traveler’s dilemma. “hop! the following suitcase” as it is known, uses technology to ease the hassles of travel by leaving you hands free. Wha? Yes, you heard me. hop! is a small suitcase. Contained in it are 3 sensors which sync to your smartphone via Bluetooth. They triangulate the signal from the phone to determine your location. Then the microprocessor takes over and directs the case – on caterpillar tracks – to follow behind your phone. See the video below for hop! in action.

Sure, hop! is a small suitcase. Maybe not enough for a road warrior. But hop! is also a concept. However it is in the final 50 for the prestigious James Dyson award – an international student design award. Plenty of attention may come their way if rewarded. And soon we may all have a little buddy following us through the airport.

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