HoodiePillow Case lets you get ghetto in the bedroom

Some folks would definitely find a hoodie to be well worth the purchase, especially since most hoodies offer a degree of warmth while ensuring you have that rather mysterious look whenever your hoodie is up. Well, the $19.99 HoodiePillow Case does a whole lot more than an ordinary hoodie, although in its very own way (as you can tell by the name), it too, will be limited in some sense compared to the vanilla hoodie. The HoodiePillow Case is made out of super soft sweatshirt material for the ultimate level of comfort, where it boasts of drawstrings, a phone pocket, and a cable porthole.

As you can tell, the drawstrings work great in ensuring the hoodie would prevent light from entering your eyes when you are trying to sleep and your partner or whoever else in the room decides to leave the lights on because he or she has something else to do. The phone pocket would be handy to keep your smartphone remain in place throughout the night, no matter how much movement you make when you sleep, and the cable porthole, well, that just means you’d best get a pair of headphones that would work great even if you sleep on the side. Any takers for this machine washable HoodiePillow Case?

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