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Hoodie Travel Pillow

For those of us who tend to travel a whole lot, you would know that getting enough rest along the journey is key to ensure that you arrive at your destination as fresh as possible, and this mantra is even more important if you happen to cross several time zones along the way. Forget about the in-flight entertainment, get some sleep. The thing is, our necks tend to feel plenty of strain when we sleep on those contoured seats that never seem to fit the curves along your body, and since most of us travel cattle class, here is a little something that might help you out – the £19.99 Hoodie Travel Pillow.

The Hoodie Travel Pillow will arrive in black, gray and red colors, where it boasts of an inflatable neck-brace style support alongside an integrated hood. Being made out of comfortable fleece material, it comes with a special ‘privacy’ drawstring to stash away your identity in a jiffy, not to mention ensuring that harsh fluorescent light or sunlight will be kept at bay. Something tells me that version 2.0 of this, assuming it ever rolls off the production line, would be accompanied by a pair of built-in speakers for some private entertainment.