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Honey, I shrunk the PicoZ MX-1

pico-mx1-extreme.jpgGuess thin is in, and so are the general sizes of gadgets and gizmos to come. Toys aren’t exempt from this effect too, with the PicoZ MX-1 Extreme being a much smaller version of its big brother and prides itself in being the smallest remote control helicopter in the world.

Currently touted as the world’s smallest remote control chopper, this marvel of micro technology will flatter even the crummiest of pilots thanks to an auto stability system that makes woka-woka-ing around in tiddly rooms a doddle. Just like its bigger PicoZ siblings, the twin-channel Extreme has a crash-resistant polypropylene foam body and features super-wide infra-red control, a built-in lithium polymer battery and adjustable trim control – all this yet it weighs just 7 grams. It really is squintingly small. As ever, the transmitter doubles up as a charger and a normal charge of 20-25 minutes should give flight times of up to 10 minutes.

The PicoZ MX-1 Extreme can be yours (or your child’s, you big little boy, you) for £24.95.