Honda U3-X: Another one-wheeled Segway, this time its omnidirectional

500x_Honda_U3-x_10-thumb-500x353-24661Once again, another new perfectly balanced riding vehicle such as the PUMA and eniCycle has caught my attention. I don’t know what it is about these things, I feel like I’m eight-years old looking at pictures of sports cars and longing for the day when I can drive.

Yes, I want to ride those things really bad, and Honda has fulfilled my dreams with the U3-X. There is a wonderful video of it that you can see after the jump, just don’t ask me why there is no sound.

The U3-X has the ability to fold up compactly into a boogie board that is shaped like a figure eight. It is quite light at 22 pounds, and Honda used technology learned from Asimo to make it work.

For example, it uses balance control technology, which means the rider uses leaning to control speed and direction. It has the Honda Omni Traction drive system, which means it can go backwards, forwards, as well as sideways.

Not only that, but its downright sexy too. Well, this is one of those devices that I will probably never ride, but will always want to. At this present time, it is just a concept for now. Even the video looks like it was made entirely out of CG, including the rider.