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The Homping Portable Grill – it’s always grilling season

Homping Grill

There’s nothing quite like making a meal on the grill. We associate grilled food with warm weather, gatherings with friends, and an insane amount of cooked meats. Grilling is a quick and delicious way to cook your food, but getting the grill ready, and moving it from place to place is where things are a bit trickier. If you like picking up and moving all over the place, it might be nice to have a portable option, but with all the available choices out there, which one do you pick?

What seems like a decent idea is the Homping Grill. This is a portable grill that uses charcoal for a delicious flavor and strong flame, and an internal fan that will keep the heat moving without killing the fire. It is powered by AA batteries, a power bank, or even your phone! It weighs less than ten pounds, and once you light the coals, of which it only needs eight to do its job correctly, you’ll be grilling in about ten minutes. There is a knob on the front that will allow you to control the airflow, which will in turn control the heat.

There are only five main parts to this grill, which includes the grill plates, charcoal basket, charcoal basket supporter, drip pan/fat collector, and grill base. There is a steam/smoking lid option available, and it comes with a carrying bag that has a handle, as well as a battery tray underneath the grill base. Your color options for this come in orange and black, and it will cost you $199.

Available for purchase on hompingusa