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The Homestar Aqua Planetarium helps bath time feel like an otherworldly experience

Aqua Planetarium

When we take a little time for ourselves to rest and relax, it needs to be a complete disconnect from everything else going on in our lives. Whether this means buying a pod to take naps in or buying a face tent to get some dark space to decompress in, the options are pretty limitless. While a bath is a great way to unwind for your body and mind alike, it’s hard to get a proper aesthetic going as you don’t want the light on, but don’t want to sit in the dark either.

You could definitely light up some candles, but make too big of a splash and they all go out at once. This Homestar Aqua Planetarium will give you light and something to look at. It’s a little sphere that will project a 180 degree view of the stars along the 6th parallel north circle of latitude. The stars don’t move, but will make it feel as though you’re floating through space. Just to make sure that this doesn’t break by being in the bathroom, it is waterproof for splashes and steam, but don’t take it in the water with you.

This is made of plastic and silicone, and will take 3 AA batteries to work. The timer is for 30 minutes, so for those that don’t want a loud timer going off on their phone, this is a decent alternative. You can find this with a white, chocolate, rose, or turquoise base, and it’ll cost you $74 should you want to sail through the stars during bath time.

Available for purchase on JapanTrendShop

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  1. Really? $74 for a battery-powered planetarium light with stars that don’t move? Parents who need the money to send their kids to college might want to pass on this…

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