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HomePlug Alliance Wants To Kill Off Wi-Fi Dead Spots Once And For All

homeplugSo, you have just moved into your new home, and have done everything possible within your means to make it as cozy and of course, as technologically advanced as possible. Shows stream seamlessly on your TV without missing a beat, and you are also able to have a smartphone connected jacuzzi and lighting system to work. Heck, even your smartphone has an app that opens up the garage door. How about the Wi-Fi network – are there any dead spots? For those who happen to be in such a predicament, HomePlug Alliance wants to end this farce once and for all with its full range of products that sports HomePlug AV2 technology.

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Best French Fry Cutter

After careful evaluation or top choice is the ”[amazon. The five blade assemblies included in the initial purchase are doing an incredible job and will be more than enough for home-use.

Best Vegetable Chopper

Our favorite vegetable chopper is the Fullstar Mandoline Slicer. It offers a vegetable cutter, mandoline slicer, and spiralizer all in one package. On top of that you’ll get a large collection bin and it’s made from BPA-free plastic.