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HomeHawk HD Remote Home Monitoring System

homehawkPanasonic knows that there can never be too high a price to pay when it comes to obtaining peace of mind, which is why they have introduced a brand new mobile app-based remote home monitoring system known as the HomeHawk HD Remote Home Monitoring System. Part of the KX-HN7000 series, the HomeHawk can be configured as a single HD camera in order to keep watch over your front door, or to have it work in tandem with a maximum of 16 peripheral HD camera units that will be able to cover the whole perimeter of the home and yard.

After all, with data getting cheaper by the day, while bandwidth increases, modern homeowners would not find it too much of an issue to keep an eye out on what’s going on in their backyard whenever they are away on a business trip or a long holiday halfway around the world. The HomeHawk will be able to keep an eye on activities inside and outside the home or apartment, regardless of the time of the day (or night). It will also work great to protect package deliveries, preview front door visitors, or simply knowing just when your loved ones have return home safely.

Some of the features that make the HomeHawk stand out would be the main front door full-color HD camera that is completely wire-free and weather-resistant, where it will come with LED assisted lighting to boot. With an extremely wide angle of 172 degrees, it is able to cover both door sills top to bottom fully, while capturing all that goes on in the entire entry area from left to right. The ability to hook up to 16 optional HomeHawk wire-free outdoor/indoor weather-resistant peripheral full-color HD cameras also make it very attractive, and the benefit of 2-way audio with built-in microphones and speakers is also an added bonus. Any takers?

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