Home Theater PC goes gold


Yuhanhitec took advantage of Computex 2007 by unveiling its latest Home Theater PC case that comes in gold, making it look as if King Midas himself was working at the Yuhanhitec factory, touching each case that comes out from the mold. What you get includes a 5.25″ bay that can accommodate a DVD (or HD DVD/Blu-ray if you’re going high definition) optical drive, while a microphone and headphones/speaker jack are all located in the front for easy access. Not only that, a couple of USB 2.0 ports and an MMC/SD/MS memory card slot are conveniently placed just below the optical drive as well. It looks more like one of those old school amplifiers than anything else, and the design could be far too simple for anybody’s taste. What type of case would you go for in an HTPC setup? Sophisticated and modern or something simple?

Source: AVing

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